Homeward Bound

It was March 7th and I was at the airport, only 25 hours away from seeing my love again after 10 weeks and rapidly expanding by the week. I managed to get a really good deal with Qatar Airlines, it was only $1,400 return (my return flight was booked for 20th April – six wonderful weeks ahead). Luckily I’d contacted the press office prior to my departure and explained that I’d be doing a write up on my Global Social 101 network about travelling whilst pregnant and had been cheeky and asked for an upgrade if at all possible. I seriously lucked out as I was upgraded to Business Class from Sydney to Doha – RESULT! They explained that I was on standby for the Doha to Manchester leg of the flight for business too – I had my fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed for this too.


Travelling a long way whilst pregnant is no joy, no matter how far gone you are (I’d already experienced travelling to Vietnam of course, which was more uncomfortable due to the nausea). Well, let me tell you Business Class is like a whole new world! I seriously don’t even know how I’m going to even attempt to go back to economy after my experience here (of course I know I’ll be able to go back to economy, I like to be dramatic you see). I was not only upgraded for the flight, but was also granted access to the Qantas lounge at Sydney airport, which is absolutely palatial and the best way to prepare for a round the world flight.


I made sure I phoned Stephen before I boarded the flight of course to tell him (brag) about my upgrade – he couldn’t believe it, but was made up for me. He reminded me what the doctor had said about walking around the plane every hour and to wear flight socks and drink loads of water, god love him always looking out for me. A quick call to my mum followed (as is par the course when I’m flying) and before I knew it I was boarding the plane and I actually got to turn LEFT! I was beside myself.


The seats were exactly as I’d imagined – like a space age cocoon where sleep would not elude me and an endless supply of film and TV choices would be at my fingertips. We were offered a lovely beverage before take off (in a glass, posh!); I opted for a orange juice, as I was with child of course. I couldn’t help but think that if I hadn’t been pregnant I could seriously go crazy with the al la cart endless food options and amazing drinks service. The mocktails however were on point, and to be honest I took full advantage of the lie flat bed and quilt, and pjs, eye mask and slippers and pillow! I was I heaven.


The whole first leg of the flight I struggled to contain my excitement as I knew each minute that passed I was a step closer to being with Stephen again. The flight went by in a haze of movies, food, water, walking, sleeping, more sleeping, more walking water. I left the first leg feeling refreshed and ready for the next leg which is something that I’ve never felt before when going to board another long haul flight within two hours).


I was also provided access to the lounge at Doha, which was a delight! I headed to the gate early this time as I was excited to get on the flight and get back to Ste. When I gave my ticket in for boarding I was surprised to see her tear it up and advise that another ticket had been provided… another business class ticket, only this time it was on a Dreamliner! I felt like I was floating on air – I was so excited to see Stephen that I completed forgot about the potential upgrade, I had a feeling that this was to be the beginning of another trip of a lifetime – it was certainly starting off that way!


The second flight was even more decedent than the first, with our own capsules with all the perks, food and entertainment, I was beside myself. I decided to sleep as much as I could this leg, so that I could be my sparkly best for the other end.


Prior to me flying back to the UK, I’d said to Stephen that my brother would get me front the airport – It might sound silly, but I hadn’t seen him for 10 weeks and was decidedly rounder (and of course I didn’t know I was going to be flying the whole way in business!). I wanted to go and freshen up first and feel my sparkly best, plus Ste was working so I didn’t want to put him out.

As the plane touched down in Manchester, all I could feel was pure excitement! None of my family or friends in the UK had seen me pregnant yet, and I knew that I had my dad and brother waiting for me at arrivals.


I was straight through arrivals and customs and my bag was ne of the first off ( I could get used to this) so within 20 minutes of landing, I was going through nothing to declare to see my dad and brother.


When I saw them I was just so excited! My dad couldn’t get over my little pregnant belly and was very emotional. We didn’t come up for air on the way home, via the pub of course to see my nana, aunties and cousins. I was home! It felt amazing – made all the more special knowing that In just four hours I was going to be back with my beau.


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