A Change of Pace

So what had initially started as a six-week trip had turned into a potential six-month trip to ensure that our family had the best start in life. In addition to reliving pressure, it also gave us a chance to actually start enjoying the pregnancy as a couple and not worry about more time apart.

The only thing was that it meant that I’d be apart from my lovely Sprite down under, who was due a week before me. This was the single biggest downside to our decision, but made it all the more exciting for when we were heading back down under.

It was all a big change for me, I’d gone from a party girl running Sydney Social 101 and being a senior consulting publicist, living on my own in Bondi and living by my rules. I’d never lived with a boy before, so this was a new experience for me too.

Let me be clear, there hasn’t been one single moment that I’ve thought I’ve taken the wrong path or have found myself doubting that this was the absolute right thing to do. I find myself counting my blessings that I’ve met someone like Stephen, that I’ve been able to get pregnant despite all my previous surgeries and that we’re in such a fortunate position. What I do find funny and hard to get my head around is what an absolute difference a year can make. The baby is due literally a year (almost to the day) that fate brought us together on the plane.

If you had said to me a year ago that I’d be living back in the UK (albeit temporarily), that I’d be living with my partner who I was completely in love with and that I’ve have a baby on the way, to put it simply I would’ve called you a liar (in the nicest possible way of course).

I guess that part of what I’ve found the most difficult in my transition from my Sydney life as a ‘socialite’ and running a start up – the time that I now have on my hands.

Here’s a typical day for my in Sydney:

8am – Wake up, check e-mails, make coffee, have a shower. Head out for first meeting of the day, log onto WIFI at a nice café, check emails again, respond t event invites, editorial opportunities and manage my team. Head to a lunch meeting, go to FIshburners and do some new business for the VIP 101 Cards, attend any meetings with client leads, final check of emails before heading to that evening’s event (whether it be a film premiere, launch of a new bar/ restaurant/ birthday party or fashion/ beauty launch). Head home about 10:30 – sleep, repeat

bondi abode
My Bondi abode
mark ronson
Watching VIP exclusive Mark Ronson gig on The Island in the middle of Sydney Harbour
Attending Belvedere winter ball at The Star as a VIP
Attending the polo in the city event

I absolutely love my Sydney life, but perhaps didn’t realise how much I had on my plate. The above doesn’t take into consideration if I was consulting to an agency, or if I had my own PR clients to factor in also. Upon some reflection, I maybe was taking too much on and drowning in my own to-do list, but also feel like I operate at my best when I’m under pressure. When you compare to my new routine, you might understand why I was struggling with, dare I say it… boredom…




7am – Wake up, Ste has a shower, I check e-mails that have come through over night from Aus, I make us coffee and breakfast before Ste has to leave at 8am. I have a shower, get dressed. If it’s a day that I’m consulting to a PR agency here in UK I check my emails and do two hours selling in and email follow up/ PR proposal drafting. It’s now 1pm and I do the washing (if there is any, if not I find some), clean the kitchen. Go to the shops to get food in, take Louie for a walk. It’s now 3pm if I’m lucky, so I check my work emails again and action anything. Watch some trash TV and wait for Ste to come home. Cook dinner, have a few hours with Ste (which is the highlight of my day), have a bath if my adhesions are playing up to reduce the pain and then bed.

Walking my gorgeous Lou Dog on Crosby Beach


Sure you can see quite the difference here. I fear though that I might have tried to much to fill my days as I now consult 10 days a month to PR agencies here in the UK and still do 4 days a month for the PR agency in Aus, whilst also still running SS101 (however my amazing team do much of this for me ‘on the ground’), so I’ve now also tried to build up Manchester and London Social 101 too – All whilst being 6/7 months pregnant, attending new business meetings in London and also being in a new relationship. Stephen worries that I’m taking too much on, which I totally get, however I fear it’s just in my blood to have the need to feel busy.

Oh I almost forgot too… we’re also doing up Ste’s house in preparation for the impending arrival of our little one, whilst also trying to make time for our relationship and families.

We did come to blows a couple of times as I got frustrated with feeling the house was top of list of priorities, when I just wanted to spend time with my partner after spending so much apart. I had to ask myself a lot whether I was acting rationally, or if it might be my pregnancy hormones making me be unreasonable. Luckily Ste is amazing and listens to me, but also tells me if he feels I’m not being fair. Its a good balance and it means that we can chat through any potential issues or frustrations before they become anything more.

It was a welcome break when we decided to head to Spain at the end of April to spend time with my mum and grannie, as the house, my work and everything else seemed to take president over Stephen and I spending quality time together.


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