The last Trimester – Trials, Tribulations and Terrific Times

We got back from Spain and I decided that I was going to do some freelance work for a couple of PR agencies in Manchester. I wanted to ensure that I still had my independence and also, that I was able to contribute to the house and living expenses. I was still doing one day a week of the PR agency in Sydney and was also remotely running Sydney Social 101 with the help of my amazing team.

I was all registered with the hospital in the UK, I’d decided to go for Warrington Hospital as my best friend is a midwife there and I wanted her to be there. I thought it would make such a special moment for the impending arrival of peanut.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I knew that I had to have a C section due to my history, and was absolutely gutted at first. However now I’d had time to come to terms with it by this point and was actually looking forward to the whole experience. When I’d spoken to friends ho had given birth to their little ones naturally about my reservations they’d immediately told me their birth stories (some more gory than others) and put my mind to rest that the most important thing was that Peanut arrived safely.

I found it hard juggling working and being heavily pregnant, only because I’d been used to working from 8am  -11pm everyday in Sydney and it being done in my stride, to struggling to draft a press release and a timeline in a day. My mind wasn’t now just focusing on work and I found myself having to really ‘cash in’ on my power hours, when I felt like I could take on the world, as I knew that as quickly as they’d come, they’d go and I’d just want to curl up on the sofa with my little Lou dog.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 7.14.12 pm

I don’t know about you guys, but I really struggled with the guilt of not having a much energy… I felt like Stephen might be wondering what it was that I did all day. After a few days of feeling that away however I came to terms with the fact that I was in my third trimester of pregnancy, I was experiencing pain from adhesions from previous surgeries and that my rest was just as important as putting on a load of washing. I did find my groove after a few failed attempts and tried to not put too much pressure on myself. Hell I was growing a freaking human, and if that isn’t a pretty big achievement to check off in a day’s work, then I don’t know what is!

As much as my energy levels were lower, I did feel like I thrived when I went to business meetings and trips to London. It made me feel like I was still me and not just ‘pregnant Lisa’. I think it is really important to keep doing what you love and what makes you you (within reason) during your pregnancy and into motherhood, as having a baby needed turn your life upside down, it’s about adapting and prioritising. Another thing that I think is so important is to not be so hard on yourself. I’d have days were I’d break down in floods of tears as I’d be scared that I wouldn’t be a good mum, that I was being a weak pregnant lady, or that Stephen would think I wasn’t coping. One thing is for sure, we all do the best job that we know how to.


Some days I’d bake a pie for Stephen and I and I’d feel like I could do anything… other days I wouldn’t lift my head off the sofa and would only achieve my goal of catching up with trash TV.

I think it’s also really important to treat yourself and to take the time for you, I made sure I still got my nails down and that I kept onto of my hair. I also wanted to make sure I treated Stephen too. All too often the ladies can get all of the fuss and attention and I worried that Stephen would feel left out. I decided to create a ‘Daddy Survival Kit’ to help him once Peanut made his arrival on the scene… I also decided to treat Stephen to a Go Pro Session camera to capture all of the moments on film of our family for us to look back on.

Here’s the dad’s survival kit in all its glory, it was so much fun to make and I was so excited to give it to him (I decided to give this to Stephen the week before Peanut’s arrival).



The kit contained all the ‘essentials’ that Ste will need to be the best dad in the world such as:

Coffee – To keep him awake after long nights

Clothes Peg – To keep the smells away when changing nappies

Eye drops – To make him look awake

Duck wash glove – For bath time fun

Electrolites – To keep hydrated

Sweets – For the sweetest dad ever

Mints – To keep it fresh

Note pad – To jot down memories

Wetwipes – To stay clean

As the date of my Caesarean drew closer emotions were running high, so I made sure that I was open with my thoughts and feelings with Stephen. This definitely helped us when it came to getting ourselves prepared together as a solid couple.

Stay tuned for the baby shower that meant everything to me and the true definition of the highest of the highs and lowest of the lows.


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