Travels to Mend the Soul

I returned back to Sydney in December 2013 and didn’t look back. However I feel that I must be honest in saying that 2014 was certainly a year where I learned a lot about myself and found myself unsure of knowing where my place was in Sydney. I missed the UK, but knew in my heart that Sydney was where I wanted to be.

It was difficult after spending a year away to go back to the routine and life I’d grown to love in Sydney before I left. Friendships had evolved and the ‘dream job’ that I returned to Sydney for turned out to be anything but.

Never one to throw in the towel, or to let a difficult time dampen my spirit, I kept moving forwards and realised that at 29 it was time to live on my own and to give my business ( a real go – time to focus on me! I moved into a rented studio in Sydney, but it was my own space, a place to call home and it helped that it was only two short minutes walk from Bondi Beach – a lifelong dream of mine.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 7.24.57 pm
View from the rooftop of my new place – heaven!

I’ve always been a believer that you control your own destiny and that you have to carve your own path and listen to your gut, this has never lead me more so in the right direction than this time in my life. I began spending more time with amazing friends that built me up, rather than drag me down. I found that a true test of friendship was when they are there for you when you’re at your lowest, not just when you’re riding high!

I threw myself into my business and launched a concept that I’d been chipping away at for over 12 months, whilst also carving out a solid publicity work portfolio of freelance work, including working for one of the biggest film producers in the entire world. Life was starting to move into the right direction after one year back down under.

I had the most amazing 30th celebrations on a boat with 40 of my closest friends on Sydney Harbour, a time I’ll never forget.

I also had a trip booked to Philippines over new year, which would involve scuba diving (a true passion of mine), relaxing times and discovery. I had a very good feeling as the sun rose on Boracay Beach in the Philippines on January 1st 2015.

Boracay Beach NYD 2015

My friends who I travelled to the the Philippines with both felt exactly the same. We had a deep conversation about the excitement of contemplating the year that had just been, it has been less than ideal for all of us, and of course the year that had yet to come. We laughed about where we would be in 12 months on NYE 2015/16 and what the next 12 months would hold.

Diving in El Nido – Philippines

Little did each of the three of us know that 2015 held so much more in store for us than we ever could’ve imagined possible…

A year that began with a trip of a lifetime to the Philippines only got better and better,  I got to travel to many far away shores including, Fiji and Taiwan, whilst planning a six week trip to Europe in July/ August including planned jaunts to Ibiza, Amsterdam and Spain.

Cloud 9 in Fiji – May
Me and the girls in Fiji – May
Media Famil in Taiwan – June
Tiawan 2
Taiwan Media Famil

I was loving the freedom of travelling to places I’d never seen with family and friends, but also felt in my heart that I wished that I had that special someone to share it with.

In July my mum came to visit me in Sydney for three weeks, I was thrilled that we got to spend some quality time together and I’d booked some special trips for us, including a cheeky little getaway to Hunter Valley.

me and mum
Me and my mum – Hunter Valley – July 2015

After our three week trip, which was just lovely,  I had a flight booked to the UK with my mum for my six week European vacation. We had a long 24-hour flight ahead of us, little did we know that it was set to be a journey that would change my life forever..